Dos & Don’ts After a Tooth Extraction


Ah, the relief of finally getting that troublesome tooth extracted! Whether it was a wisdom tooth causing havoc or a decayed molar giving you sleepless nights, the ordeal is over. 

However, the journey to a full recovery has just begun. Taking care of yourself post-tooth extraction is crucial to ensure a smooth healing process and prevent any complications. 

Tooth Extraction is an important procedure performed due to tooth decay, and overcrowding.  

While it can be an uncomfortable procedure, there are ways to make the process easier for you. This guide will provide you with tips on what to do throughout the recovery period.

Common Dos And Dont’s After Tooth Extraction


1. Follow Your Dentist’s Instructions

Pay careful attention to any post-extraction instructions from your dentist. He/she may prescribe pain relievers or suggest over-the-counter medicines as necessary for your comfort. Taking prescribed medication as instructed, managing swelling with ice packs, and following an appropriate diet are all key elements in speedy recovery from extraction procedures.

2. Practice Good Oral Hygiene

While you need to be gentle around the extraction site, maintaining good oral hygiene is still crucial. Continue brushing your teeth with the toothpaste suggested by your dentist, but avoid the extraction area for the first few days. Rinsing your mouth with a saltwater solution (as recommended by your dentist) can aid in keeping the area clean.

3. Manage Swelling with Ice Packs

While being gentle around your extraction site is key, maintaining good oral hygiene remains equally as essential. Keep brushing your teeth as instructed but try not to disturb the extraction area for the first few days after treatment. Rinsing with saltwater solution (as instructed by your dentist) may also help keep the area tidy.

4.Take Prescribed Medications

If your dentist has prescribed any pain relievers or antibiotics, be sure to follow his or her directions and take them as directed. These medications play a vital role in managing pain and preventing infections – all key elements for an expedient recovery process.

5. Rest and Allow Your Body to Heal

Give yourself the rest you need and avoid strenuous activities for at least the first few days post-extraction, especially as this will not only promote faster healing but may reduce risks associated with complications.

6.Consume Soft Foods

In the initial days after an extraction, opt for soft foods such as yogurt, mashed potatoes, soup, and smoothies as they will be gentle on your healing mouth. Avoid hot and spicy food which could aggravate the extraction site.

7. Stay Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for the healing process. Drink lots of water during these initial days; however, avoid straws during these same first few days, as their sucking motion could dislodge any blood clot that forms at your extraction site.

8. Be Mindful of the Blood Clot

A blood clot at an extraction site is essential to healthy healing, so take extra care not to disturb it by excessively rinsing, spitting, or poking the area with your tongue – doing so could result in a painful dry socket.


1. Don’t Smoke or Use Tobacco Products

Smoking and using tobacco products can significantly impede the healing process. The chemicals in smoke can irritate the extraction site and increase the risk of complications. It’s advisable to refrain from smoking until you receive the green light from your dentist.

2. Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol can interfere with the healing process and may interact negatively with any prescribed medications. It’s best to abstain from alcohol consumption during the initial days post-extraction.

3. Say No to Hard and Crunchy Foods

Steer clear of hard and crunchy foods that can potentially damage the extraction site or dislodge the blood clot. Snacking on nuts, chips, or hard candies is a big no-no during the recovery period.

4. Don’t Skip Follow-Up Appointments

Regular follow-up appointments with your dentist are crucial. These visits allow your dentist to monitor the healing progress, address any concerns, and ensure that you are on the right track to recovery. Skipping these appointments may lead to unnoticed complications.

5. Avoid Vigorous Rinsing and Spitting

Excessive rinsing and spitting can dislodge the blood clot, leading to a painful condition known as dry socket. Instead, follow your dentist’s recommendations for gentle rinsing with a saltwater solution.

6. Refrain from Touching the Extraction Site

Your hands can carry bacteria, so it’s essential to refrain from touching the extraction site unnecessarily. Keep your fingers away from the area to reduce the risk of infection.

7. Don’t Overexert Yourself:

Strenuous activities can increase blood flow, leading to potential bleeding at the extraction site. Rest is crucial during the initial days to facilitate proper healing.


Recovery after a tooth extraction is a journey that requires patience, diligence, and self-care. By adhering to these Dos And Dont’s After Tooth Extraction, you’ll pave the way for a smooth healing process and minimize the risk of complications. 

Remember, your dentist is your best resource during this time, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or questions. Here’s to a speedy recovery and a healthier, happier smile!

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